Initiations and Activations
Energy Modalities

The matrix activation is a specialized technique for activating the five matrices your soul set into place when you were born. These matrices connect to the intricate and multi-dimensional web of all that is, was, and will be. The following 5 matrices get activated during one matrix activation:


Matrix Activation

When you book your matrix activation, the actual activation is done while you are sleeping (if you live in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia), or at an appointed time while you are awake (if you live in the USA, within 24-48 hours following your activation, you will meet with Selena on Skype or Zoom to receive messages and feedback about the energies that came up or were worked with, during your activation.


Flower Initiation

Single Flower Initiation


Flower Initiations are done at a distance while you are sleeping (for Europe and Asia clients), or while you are awake and resting comfortably for 1/2 hour at a specified time (for clients in the Americas). Within 72 hours following your initiation, Selena sends you a short email follow-up, as well as a specialized assignment. Click on the flowers to view more.


Sweet Pea Flower


Hazel Flower


Ropanium Activations

The Ropanium Gods are ancient beings who were known for manifesting things out of thin air. In each Ropanium DNA Activation, your ancient Atlantean DNA is activated in one of your DNA strands.

There are two parts to the Ropanium Activation. In the first part, Selena does the activation for you while you are sleeping during the night (Europe and Asia clients), or while you are awake and resting comfortably for 1/2 hour at a specified time (for clients in the Americas). Following this, you will get on Skype or Zoom with Selena for a 20-minute feedback session where Selena will relay to you information that came through during your session. No preparation is required for either the activation itself or the feedback session.


Luminous Consciousness Brain Activations

The Luminous Consciousness Brain Activations bring Divine Source Light into every cell in the brain and brain stem, opening up dormant areas, moving out sluggish energy, and facilitating healing of the energies of trauma from your earlier years and/or past lives.

The curanderos have identified 12 areas of the brain, each of which has a special name. Each of the 12 areas has a specific esoteric function. You may encounter blockages in your body, in your thought processes, or in your life that are related to one of more of these esoteric functions. A brain activation lights up the energy of its corresponding area, facilitates the breaking through of blockages, and opens, strengthens, or enhances esoteric abilities. Receiving just one of these activations does a lot. Receiving all 12 is super-powerful!


Druid Activations

The Druid Initiations are done in a set of two. Each is done while you are sleeping on different nights (Europe and Asia Clients) or during waking hours during a time when you can rest in a sacred space for ½ hour. After you have received both initiations, you meet with Selena on Skype or Zoom for a 30-minute follow-up session. The first initiation illuminates your shadow and brings the subconscious into the light. The second is an initiation into higher levels of knowledge. After receiving the second initiation, old rules will no longer apply, and your choices will no longer be limited by the underworld of the subconscious. Includes a 30-minute online follow-up session.

Masai Activations

The Masai Initiations are done in a set of two. Each is done while you are sleeping on different nights (Europe and Asia Clients) or during waking hours during a time when you can rest in a sacred space for ½ hour. The first initiation is a rebirth, which reconnects your energies to the earth and restore natural harmony. Ego patterns that set in when you were born have the opportunity to dissolve. The second initiation is a remaking ritual, which allows you to remake and reset the choices in your life. You will establish a new connection between earth and source and a portal will be opened for you to materialize and co-create your life differently. After you have received both initiations, you meet with Selena on Skype or Zoom for a 30-minute follow-up session.

Soul Matrix

This matrix deals with our soul contracts. Sometimes our contracts encounter snags. Such snags can create delays in completing a contract that needs to be completed, or in activating a contract that needs to be activated. Often when this matrix is activated, soul contracts that have been “hanging around” fall away, or you receive greater clarity for moving forward for the highest good of all concerned; and new contracts get activated. This matrix helps clear numerous issues, including overattachment and fearfulness

Destiny Matrix

Fate deals with things that will happen in some way, shape, or form in our life. Destiny deals with our free will choices. Are you getting ready to make some significant life decisions? Destiny Matrix, upon activation, brings “aha’s” more easily to the surface and clears confusion. This matrix helps clear numerous issues, including excessive criticism and spreading oneself too thin.

Karma Matrix

We all have karma that we are working through. The activation of the Karma Matrix assists us in moving through our current karma more easily, gently, and quickly. Do you tend to procrastinate? Procrastination is ultimately an a-void-dance of karma. This matrix also helps to clear issues such as worry and low self-esteem.

Energy Matrix

What do you do with your personal energy? Energy Matrix activates increased vitality. The activation of this matrix facilitates the flow of prana or chi throughout your energy field and body. A future also healing occurs, storing vital energy in your body for a future date. This matrix assists in clearing issues such as social awkwardness and being stuck.

Experience Matrix

We often learn things in layers and through a progression of our growth. Sometimes we think we learned something from an experience, only to find out years later that there was a deeper truth being presented to us at that time that had previously been veiled.Each phase of the learning process, and each piece of learning, is valuable. The Experience Matrix cuts through illusions to the truth and shows us what is. It also helps to clear numerous issues, including jealousy and martyr patterns.


Bring your inner beauty out to shine. The amaryllis initiation activates the gift of splendid beauty.


Bring your inner beauty out to shine. The amarylllis initiation activates the gift of splendid beauty.

Sweet Pea Flower

The Sweet Pea Flower initiation is especially good when a person has had challenges in letting go of people, things, or issues. It allows for the completion of energies and the opening of new pathways.


The goldenrod initiation brings motivation, good fortune, and success. It is also especially good for healing procrastination.

Pear Blossom

The Pear Blossom initiation brings good health and hope. It is especially helpful in dealing with stubborn conditions.

Pear Blossom

The Pear Blossom initiation brings good health and hope. It is especially helpful in dealing with stubborn conditions.

Plum Blossom

Keeping our agreements is essential for creating solid and fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. The plum blossom initiation brings clarity on our agreements and creates follow through.


Initiates new beginnings and activates the gift of Divine Timing. Increased speed in manifestation.


Brings forth a deeper level of harmony in your body, aura, life, and relationships. It also manifests “new” relationships out of thin air.


Creates healthy boundaries and excavates a deeper knowing and awareness in working with Universal Laws.


Modulates a person’s energies and systems to adjust to rapidly accelerating vibratory rates.


Brings conscious recognition of a person’s value and purpose in the Divine Plan.


Ensures progress in evolution and breaks through deep levels of stagnation.


Opens the Divine Blueprint and facilitates rapid manifestation through clear planning.


Brings forth spontanaeity, breaks through control issues, and opens up opportunities in new spaces and places.


Shows the deeper contracts and attracts people and beings that are aligned with the manifestation of those contracts.


Brings forth profound strength on multiple levels.


Revitalizes ancient connections within the brain, activating ancient knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and brightness.


Opens the Light Senses and fine-tunes sensory abilities.

Upside Down Cow

This part of our brain is active when we fire walk or glass walk. When it is activated, our ability to exercise “mind over matter” is strengthened, and your ability to manifest your will in alignment with the will of the Divine is greatly empowered.

Sideways Pig

This is the area of our brain that deals with vortices. Vortices bring energies in and pull energies out. Each of our chakras is a vortex. Do you ever hear a swooshing sound in your head? This activation opens up your ability to sense, discern, and connect more deeply with vortices.

Tail-up Bird

This is the part of the brain through which we connect to and work with portals. Portals connect between spaces, places, and dimensions, and manage light waves of information. This activation opens your ability to sense and connect with portals.

Square Worm

This is the area of the brain through which we enter into and become aware of parallel universes. It allows us to navigate through space and its activation enhances our ability to sense when we have entered a parallel universe and connect with it more fully, or direct our energies back to this universe.

Dry Lake

This is the part of the brain with which we work with the dimensions. In the curandero teaching, there are 144 dimensions, and in each dimension there is a physical law that does not exist. Entering into many of the dimensions requires extensive training. Some dimensions can be consciously accessed more easily than others. The activation of Dry Lake allows us to recognize and more easily work within the dimensions.

Clean Tree

This is the area of the brain through which we connect to the Angelic Realm and Celestial Beings. It activates the sense of smell, which connects to our energetic memories and recognition of these beings. Upon activation, we are more easily to connect with and communicate with angels and celestial beings.

Underground Air

This is the area through which our prayers are processed. It is through this area that we use the spoken word to voice that which we wish to create in our lives, as well as that which we wish for others and the world. The spoken word is a powerful tool for bringing our desires into manifestation. This activation enhances our ability to communicate with the Universe.

Sky Fire

This is the part of the brain that recognizes entities and thought forms. Curanderos and African shamans teach that, beings that are not alive in a body may sometimes wander in the spiritual planes, without fully moving on. Likewise, negative beliefs that have set deeply into our auric field can exist as thought forms that are like beings in and unto themselves. This activation enhances our ability to recognize both entities and thought forms. Recognition is the first step to moving on from the hold of thought forms that do not serve us.

Water Clay

This is the part of the brain through which we give and receive healing. When a person is giving an energy healing, he or she will often sense energies through touch. Upon receiving this activation, the channels of flow for healing energy are opened, cleared, or expanded, so that the energy can flow more easily.

Dog Wagging Tail

This area of the brain deals with the flow of kundalini. Kundalini is potent, snake-like energy of the Divine Feminine, which is located at the base of the spine. This energy, as it rises up the spine, is said to lead to spiritual awakening. When Kundalini is blocked, so is the life force. This activation opens or enhances the flow of Kundalini.

God’s Shell

This is the area of the brain that governs our psychic and intuitive abilities. Intuition is a natural state, and with the information we receive, it is then natural for us to act upon it in alignment with our intentions and the Divine. This activation strengthens both our psychic and intuitive capacity, as well as our motivation and ability to plan.

The Heart of an Old Lady

This is the part of the brain through which we process the Language of Light. In the teachings of the curanderos, all thought takes the form of light. Every thought is a sequence of colored geometries. As our thoughts create our reality, Light Language can be used to create on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and material planes. This activation strengthens our ability to recognize and use Light Language.