Initiations and Activations
Energy Modalities
DNA Mapping

The DNA Mapping is an energy restructuring of your esoteric DNA to remove devitalizing energies and/or insert vitalizing energies. A single map works on the energy of 62 traits on one strand of DNA. For a strand map, you will have one online session, which lasts approximately one hour, with Selena to discuss and choose the 62 things that you would like to transform. Thereafter, Selena will construct the map and anchor in these intentions into your energy field. You will receive a copy of the map from her via email when the process is complete. A person can receive up to a total of 12 maps (one for each strand). This is a comprehensive DNA energetic healing and restructuring that works deeply with your esoteric DNA. Each map facilitates powerful changes on one strand of the twelve strands of your DNA.

Advanced DNA Charting

DNA Charting reaches far back into your pre-Atlantean esoteric DNA to add in or remove one trait from all 12 of your strands. For 1-3 charts, Selena’s speaks with you for 15-20 minutes on Skype or Zoom, and then after the initial consultation, she constructs your chart or charts within the week following, and sends it/them to you, along with a summary.

DNA Ear Spiral Session

Done as a distance session while sleeping, or during a time when you can rest quietly for the allotted time, this profound technique reaches deeply into your esoteric DNA and across universes. Some blockages originate in other universes, and it is important to clear them to move forward. Within 1-3 days after you receive your ear spiral session, Selena will meet with you on Skype or Zoom. Ear spiral work goes deep into the DNA, creating profound transformation through the meridian system.