Full Spectrum Teachers Intensive

In this intensive training for spiritual and metaphysical teachers, you will receive certifications to instruct 20 leading-edge classes. It is time for little-known lineage teachings to be presented and brought to the world.


  • Certification to teach 20 leading-edge lineage classes
  • 20 Class Manuals
  • Metaphysical Speaker’s Training
  • Reading & Memory Techniques
  • How to Create Your Own Class
  • Tools for Teaching Mastery
  • Business Magic
  • Art of Holding & Directing Space
  • Blending Of Energies
  • Cultivating the Unique Gifts of Each Student.


  • Advanced High Magic Classes
  • Personal Growth Classes
  • Healing
  • Teaching Skills
  • Traditional Curandero Mysteries
  • Alignments / Enhancements
  • Initiations
  • Motivational Classes
  • Crystals, Gems and Minerals


  • The Flower of Life Business Model
  • Speed Reading
  • Memory Exercises
  • Speaker’s Training
  • Promotion & Networking
  • Multimedia
  • Create Your Own Class
  • Reading List
The Aura Zone

The Curanderos of Mexico teach that the aura does not always sit in alignment with a person’s body. In this class, you will learn the ten aura positions, how to bring the aura into alignment, and additional corrections that can be given to the client as ongoing practices for keeping the aura aligned.

Sacred Chambers

Behavior modification is happening all of the time, however most of the time we are not aware of it. Most of our behavior gets modified through our reactions or responses to outside stimuli. These reactions determine our future behavior with others, as well as their future behavior with us. In this powerful class you will uncover the areas in your life where you gave up and gave in. As you unlock and clear out the Sacred Chambers inside of yourself, you will have the opportunity to move forward in life responsibly, and no longer from a place of reaction.

Golden Cloak Level 1

Golden Cloak Level 1

In medieval Europe, prior to the onset of the Dark Ages, the mystics and the metaphysicians sought out ways to pass on the magic in a way that was hidden, so that it would survive the Dark Ages and not be lost. They found three vehicles for passing on their magic and mysteries. One of the vehicles was math.

Golden Cloak is an impressive and little-known magic that was resurrected in Druidic circles. In this class you will discover the magic behind mathematical symbols and work in the etheric realm for creating change on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Golden Cloak is easy to use and can be practiced by anyone who receives the downloads, regardless of mathematical ability.

Golden Cloak Level 2

Building upon the work in Level I, Level II introduces more complex symbols as well as new ways of working with them. Through this repetitive magic, you can transform your life and how you live it.

Golden Cloak Level 3

Building upon the work in Level I and II, Level III introduces more complex symbols as well as new ways of working with them. Through this repetitive magic, you can transform your life and how you live it.

Quantum String Initiation

The Quantum String Initiation closes gates in your aura through which you leave your body and disconnect from life on Earth. This powerful initiation can catalyze huge life changes over a very short period of time. It is excellent for boosting your connections, dealing courageously and effectively with now-time situations, as well as areas of life that you have been avoiding, and awakening places inside of you that have become numb or sluggish.

The Wizard’s Closet

In this advanced high magic class, you will be introduced to key tools that can be found in the closet of advanced wizardry. Discover the mystery of the “seven seals” as you are introduced to a group of hidden angels that were omnipresent during Atlantean times. You will discover essential keys for contacting and working with these angels. You will also learn about gates and ring-pass-not’s, and receive important information that you will need for passing through these gateways. In addition, we will explore the role of archetypes in the workings of wizardry, and uncover essential tools and energies that are the foundation of magic.

Greek Initiations

The Greek Initiations occur along the spine, activating ancient gifts and memories within the person receiving, and opening greater connection and alignment with the Divine. The nervous system is brought to new levels, opening up deeper capabilities and their expression in this lifetime. Your senses are heightened as you become attuned to receiving information on more subtle levels, and your ability to conduct energy increases.

Crystal Grids

Crystals are the vitamins and minerals for the aura. Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful energy tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention. In this class you will learn a wealth about crystals, and a variety of grid configurations for various purposes.


Learn how the choices we make affect our relationships and the keys to having great ones. You will learn the seven pillars of relationship, why relationships fail, and discover important tools for breaking the patterns that have sabotaged your relationships.

The Inner Child

Your Inner Child is the childlike, usually hidden, part of your personality that is characterized by playfulness, spontaneity, and creativity, and is usually accompanied by anger, hurt, and fear attributable to childhood experiences. In this class you will get into relationship with your inner child. Healing the Inner Child will transform your life.

The 7 Arch Initiations

The Arch Initiations open the portals that connect you to the specific energies within Source that you are seeking to incorporate into your life. The Arch goes out from you, through Source, and onto your choice of connections. These initiations pull in the energies that lead to the creation of the “Hard Wiring”, needed to handle increasingly finer tuned and intense information. You will receive all seven of these initiations, and learn to give them.

Inter-dimensional Signatures

Work with a specific magic square for impressive manifestation that reverberates through multitudes of dimensions. You will learn to create inter-dimensional works of art as you manifest powerfully and swiftly. Create extraordinary energetic signatures that are seen, heard, and felt across the planes.

Inner Spectrum

In your aura are stored multiple layers of patterns; some which vitalize you and others which rob the body of energy. In this class you will learn to remove patterns using a powerful geometric construct for invoke healing and transformation between spirit and matter and the levels in between. Learn to work with 144 key energies for prioritizing and gathering that which will be needed and discarded before completion.

Minimal: the Ultimate Alphabet

In the tradition of the curandero lineage, the first lineage holder was the “man who fell from the sky.” Generations later came the “animal who fell from the sky.” Both had language…the language that is called “Minimal.” Minimal creates magic and manifests intentions using less effort and draws upon energies that normally would be unreachable.

Psychic Development

Everybody has some psychic ability. In this class you will learn to develop yours. Developing your psychic abilities is a way of connecting to the universe around you with more than just your physical senses of sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell. These connections can give you insight in ways the other senses can not.

Ancient Shamanic Healing

Discover the origins of healing and restore the sacredness to your life and healing practices. In this class you will learn of the beginnings of healing on earth, as well as numerous methods of healing and techniques employed by tribes on 4 continents. After this class, no matter which techniques you choose, you will find their foundations to be fuller and more solid.

Cornucopia Healing

Everything that surrounds you either adds or subtracts from your energy bodies. A person may eat right and take supplements, yet be starving energetically, which can result in depression, overwhelm, numbness, confusion, being directionless, and more. In this class you will learn to apply potent energetic nutrition to the aura and body, in ways that you don’t normally get it in everyday life.

Corn Reading

Learn the mysteries of corn as taught by the curanderos. Corn reading has been practiced for centuries by the curanderos, to divine time, relationships, events and more. You will learn the meanings of different kernels of corn, and how to effectively do simple and complex readings on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and material levels.

Clearing Karmic Imprints

Karma is not an external energy, it is a powerful internal energy, that comes from deep within our self, that sets into motion events, healing, pain, love and relationships. We create our reality, accidents, prosperity and all our relationships. If karma were merely fate, there would be nothing you could do about it. By learning about your karma, you can do things to overcome it. Karma is not fate–it is a teacher, a guide to help you do better in life. It can show you how to succeed in life if you know ways to deal with the results of your actions.

In this class, you will learn about the various types of karma. Discover how and where karma sits in your aura, as well as how to remove, reduce, or clear out the karma which has imprinted in your energy field and in your life.


Selena Rodriguez

Selena Rodriguez serves as a catalyst in the lives of numerous people around the world. She has worked in the metaphysical and healing arts since 1990, and has presented workshops, seminars, and retreats in over 17 countries on 4 continents. Selena is recognized as a master spiritual teacher and a respected elder of the 24th generation in an unbroken Mayan lineage that originated in Southeastern Mexico. She has studied with numerous teachers, including a 24-year apprenticeship with Master Curandera Starr Fuentes, during which time she received a multitude of little known teachings that stem from ancient lineage traditions around the world. In 1999, Selena launched the lineage teachings to Europe. Since then she has trained numerous teachers and assisted them in cultivating optimum impact and greater levels of success. Additionally, Selena teaches her own signature works, including the acclaimed Hanafuda Magic retreat, Maple Magic, and more

Mikasa Kuroiwa

Mikasa Kuroiwa is a modern mystic and spiritual teacher who offers life-changing tools for personal spiritual growth and well-being. She has dedicated her life to helping others enrich their lives by guiding them to explore their spiritual gifts and highest potential. Through her consultations and workshops, she helps people create positive change and manifest success. The foundation of her work is based on the teachings of the Mayans and Aztecs through the Curanderos lineage in Mexico. From the moment she met Curandera lineage holder Starr Fuentes, she dove deep and became fully immersed in the lineage teachings. Today, Mikasa facilitates well over 100 workshops and initiations. She also leads spiritual retreats across Asia and Europe, taking people on inner and outdoor adventures to experience the magic and mysteries of sacred landscapes

Starr Fuentes

After decades of study with shamans, healers, Curanderos and Masters, Starr Fuentes has dedicated her life to helping others with the full unfolding of their purposes, paths and destinies. A master healer, spiritual teacher and intuitive, Starr teaches more than 400 subjects, and has guided countless individuals down the path of healing, self-awareness and truth. She combines the use of modern psychological tools with ancient healing and shamanistic traditions, presenting a fountain of information in a teaching style that is animated, dynamic, and full of life. She has trained over one-hundred teachers who continue to spread her alternative healing wisdom throughout the United States, Europe, Israel, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and Asia

Art Jackson

Art Jackson has had the good fortune to connect with superb teachers. He spent 17 years studying under the great Lakota Medicine Man, Red Eagle, where he learned Indian ceremony and philosophy. Husband and apprentice of Curandera Starr Fuentes , the renowned teacher and healer, Art has dedicated his path to carrying on the ancient and sacred teachings and spiritual traditions from around the world and bringing them to the forefront of modern reality. Art feels that experience is the best teacher; his classes are hands-on, experienced-based learning. Classes are designed to be fun, challenging, and boundary-expanding. The energy of the group and the physical activity blend to give you “aha!” experiences. For a truly mind-altering experience, try a fire-walk with Art. This ancient practice teaches you to expand your mind and do things you never imagined possible

Investment – US$20,000

Dates to be Determined.

Tentative dates Spring or Summer 2022

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Lunches included

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