Your Inner Universe

If this is your first time working with Selena, or if you haven’t worked with her in a long time, or even if you have, Selena recommends getting started with an Enochian Angel Reading, a Matrix Activation, or one of her online events.

The Enochian Angel Reading or the Matrix Activation are a powerful way to start your work with Selena, as each of them, in different ways, gives a deep overview of the underlying energies that are affecting your life now.

In addition to being great ways to start, both the Enochian Angel Reading and the Matrix Activation can be done at any time, as needed, during your process of healing, growth, and transformation.


Enochian Angel Reading

Enochian Angel Readings are by appointment and are subject to Selena’s availability. It can be done in ½ hour, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.

The Enochian Angel Reading is based on the system of Enochian High Magic. Selena connects deeply with the Enochian angels to bring forth messages for unveiling the deeper workings in your life; what you have been creating consciously and unconsciously, vital energies at play in your life now, areas to transcend, and key insights in support of your co-creations in the coming year and beyond.

Your Enochian reading gives you an astonishing look at the big picture…your big picture in connection with the big picture of the universe and beyond. Frequently during an Enochian reading, a particular angel or group of angels comes forward to assist you in the co-creation of your destiny, in alignment with divine harmony.

Matrix Activation

When you book your matrix activation, the actual activation is done while you are sleeping (if you live in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia), or at an appointed time while you are awake (if you live in the USA, within 24-48 hours following your activation, you will meet with Selena on Skype or Zoom to receive messages and feedback about the energies that came up or were worked with, during your activation.

The matrix activation is a specialized technique for activating the five matrices your soul set into place when you were born. These matrices connect to the intricate and multi-dimensional web of all that is, was, and will be.  The following 5 matrices get activated during one matrix activation:

Soul Matrix

This matrix deals with our soul contracts. Sometimes our contracts encounter snags. Such snags can create delays in completing a contract that needs to be completed, or in activating a contract that needs to be activated. Often when this matrix is activated, soul contracts that have been “hanging around” fall away, or you receive greater clarity for moving forward for the highest good of all concerned; and new contracts get activated. This matrix helps clear numerous issues, including over attachment and fearfulness.

Destiny Matrix

Fate deals with things that will happen in some way, shape, or form in our life. Destiny deals with our free will choices. Are you getting ready to make some significant life decisions? Destiny Matrix, upon activation, brings “aha’s” more easily to the surface and clears confusion. This matrix helps clear numerous issues, including excessive criticism and spreading oneself too thin.

Karma Matrix

We all have karma that we are working through. The activation of the Karma Matrix assists us in moving through our current karma more easily, gently, and quickly. Do you tend to procrastinate?Procrastination is ultimately an a-void-dance of karma. This matrix also helps to clear issues such as worry and low self-esteem.

Energy Matrix

What do you do with your personal energy? Energy Matrix activates increased vitality. The activation of this matrix facilitates the flow of prana or chi throughout your energy field and body. A future also healing occurs, storing vital energy in your body for a future date. This matrix assists in clearing issues such as social awkwardness and being stuck.

Experience Matrix

We often learn things in layers and through a progression of our growth. Sometimes we think we learned something from an experience, only to find out years later that there was a deeper truth being presented to us at that time that had previously been veiled. Each phase of the learning process, and each piece of learning, is valuable. The Experience Matrix cuts through illusions to the truth and shows us what is. It also helps to clear numerous issues, including jealousy and martyr patterns.