Terms and Conditions

The purchase of any product, session, materials, or classes/courses provided by Selena Rodriguez and/or South Beach International Makeovers are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Agreement. This Agreement between you (“Client”), and Selena Rodriguez (“Selena”) and Selena Rodriguez’s company, South Beach International Makeovers (“SBIM”) (“the Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions of the relationship between Client and Selena Rodriguez/South Beach International Makeovers. There are no other understandings or agreements not written herein.

Obligations of Selena Rodriguez/South Beach International Makeovers. Selena agrees to offer spiritual energy coaching, teaching, information, experience, and/or entertainment, as well as such other spiritual and bioenergetic nutritional work as may be conducted by Selena, to Client to support Client’s wellness and healing, and/or to help Client learn ways to help himself/herself in a holistic and positive manner (“The Work”), and/or to educate Client regarding teachings from ancient and modern spiritual and energy traditions or modalities (“The Teachings”).

Selena and SBIM make no medical claims, nor do they assume any responsibility for any claims. In no way do Selena or SBIM claim that any energy or nutritional services used, training given, or products offered, treat any disease condition.  Selena Rodriguez and South Beach International Makeovers do not give medical or psychological advice of any kind to Client which is acknowledged by Client by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Client has studied the alternatives and personally chose to purchase one or more products, sessions, Teachings, or the Work.

Selena/SBIM will deliver to Client materials and consultations which, in Selena’s sole discretion, is adequate to give Client tools and methods to deal with challenges affecting Client’s life, and/or enhance Client’s life and well-being (“the Work”), or to educate Client regarding teachings from ancient and modern spiritual and energy traditions or modalities (“The Teachings”).   Such materials and consultations may take the form of group events, courses, private consultations, recorded events, meditations, and/or manuals, documents, images, or handouts.  

By booking a class or private session of any form, Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions and gives private license and informed consent to Selena/SBIM to utilize any modalities which, in Selena’s sole discretion, are deemed adequate for providing the Client with the service requested.

Selena and SBIM do not warrant that any advice, modalities, information, training, or materials provided will meet the health, healing, personal growth, success, or educational requirements of any individual person or group.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Client acknowledges and accepts that Selena and SBIM do not promise any specific result or guarantee any specific outcome, nor does anything discussed during a class or private session claim to predict any future events that may or may not occur during the Client’s lifetime.  Selena/SBIM will sometimes deliver written materials, exercises and/or transactional work to enable Client to make any changes necessary to get the results desired by Client, or as part of the materials given during a specific course or training.

The Work and the Teachings may complement, but are not a substitute for, a licensed physician’s or mental health professional’s diagnosis and treatment.  If Client has been diagnosed by a licensed physician, Client will disclose this information to the Selena/SBIM.

Accuracy and Third Parties.  Selena Rodriguez/SBIM sometimes rely on third parties to translate products, courses, and/or materials, or to provide Selena’s /SBIM’s online videos, webinars and associated materials. Selena Rodriguez/SBIM do not confirm the accuracy of translation or of any information contained in any online webinar, videos or associated notes or transcripts, or any other information provided as part of any online training or sessions, whether they are sponsored by a third party, provided by a licensor, or held directly by Selena or SBIM.

Obligations of Client.  Client agrees to pay the fee specified by SBIM prior to beginning the Work or the Teachings, or receiving a product.  Once the fee is paid, Client agrees to complete all of the components of the Work or Teachings and to acknowledge his free choice as to whether or not to follow any suggestions or recommendations of Selena Rodriguez/SBIM to achieve the desired results of Client. Due to the fact that the results achieved by Client are solely due to Client’s efforts and focus on the Work or the Teachings, Selena/SBIM cannot and do not guarantee any result to be obtained by Client.  Selena and SBIM are not liable for any decisions made by the Client following any session, course, or event provided by Selena/SBIM, or after viewing or listening to any recorded products or reading/viewing any written materials or images provided by Selena/SBIM. 

Selena Rodriguez, South Beach International Makeovers, and their associates do not make any representations, promises or guarantees. The information and advice provided by Selena, SBIM, or their authorized representatives is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your physician or health care professional. The recommendations and modalities used are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease condition, including, but not limited to, cancer, immune deficiency diseases, and mental diseases.

Client acknowledges that it is Client’s responsibility to contact his/her physician or health care professional before starting any program, taking any supplements, following any recommendations or advice, or if he suspects that he may have a physical or mental health problem.

Additional Work. If, at the request of the Client, further work is determined to be advantageous to the development of Client, such additional work at fees to be agreed at the time may be offered by Selena/SBIM.

Refunds. Due to the fact that (1) the materials offered by Selena/SBIM are proprietary and will sometimes be available upon payment of the fee required to begin the Work or the Teachings, and (2) any results are completely under the control of Client, no refunds will be granted, with the following exceptions:  1) Client has booked a private consultation that has not yet begun, and cancels 72 hours or more prior to the private session date, and 2) Client has booked a slot in an event or course and has canceled 72 hours or more prior to the registration closing date of the event or course.

Non–Disclosure Agreement. Client agrees that the materials to be provided by Selena/SBIM are proprietary and the property of Selena/SBIM or their licensors.  Client shall not use the materials for any purpose other than Client’s personal development and growth. Client is prohibited from publishing, teaching, posting, uploading, sharing, or making public any of the materials or modalities provided by Selena/SBIM and agrees to keep such materials confidential, unless Client has received express written consent by Selena to teach or share any of the materials or modalities provided.

Confidentiality. Selena/SBIM agrees to keep any information about the Client obtained during the Work confidential and shall not publish or share any such information except by Court order.   The exception to this is during a group class or event that has been recorded, during which Client has shared personal information during the class or event; Selena/SBIM reserves the right to share the recording for a temporary period of time (not to exceed 90 days) with other participants of that same class or event who wish to listen to the recording after the event has finished.  

Indemnification and Hold Harmless. Client does hereby accept full responsibility for the use of these procedures and advice, releasing, indemnifying and holding Selena Alexandra Rodriguez, South Beach International Makeovers, LLC, and their authorized representatives and associates harmless from all claims arising from participation in these procedures, the Work, the products, and the Teachings.  The undersigned acknowledges that Selena Rodriguez/SBIM do not diagnose, treat or claim to cure human disease, nor do they guarantee any specific result or outcome.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Client agrees to not bring a complaint or lawsuit against Selena Rodriguez, South Beach International Makeovers, or their authorized representatives for any reason, including, but not limited to, the grounds that these recommendations and modalities are experimental, or are not approved, accepted or acknowledged to be effective, or that they did not produce a specific result.

Such indemnification and hold harmless shall include any expenses or lawyer’s fees incurred by South Beach International Makeovers, Selena Rodriguez, their agents, employees, authorized representatives, contractors, officers or assigns in defending any claims brought pursuant to Client’s actions in breach hereof.

Claims and Jurisdiction. Any claims brought by Client must be brought in Citrus County, Florida. The maximum amount of recovery that can be claimed by Client is the amount of the fee paid in accordance herein, or in the case of a series of sessions, events, or courses, or a course that lasts longer than one date, the maximum amount of recovery that can be claimed is the amount of the fee paid for the most recent date of the private session, event, or course session.

Waiver of Jury Trial. The parties hereto waive a trial by jury for any claims brought pursuant to Selena’s/SBIM’s work on behalf of Client.

Termination.  Selena/SBIM may terminate or suspend access to their services, courses or products immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms.

All provisions of the Terms which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.