“For me Selena is the most powerful light to see my inner self. I learned at her side how to bring discernment, truth and passion into my choices. In her presence the knowledge of Mastery is revealed. Her guidance is going deep to the heart of the matter, as she knows with no doubts to lead you to your uniqueness. With gratitude to you Selena.”

Yael Benattar

Spiritual Healer, Master Teacher

“I have meet Selena several time during her teachings. In a 12 Iniitations of the Mastery workshop several years ago in Paris I felt like the was mine, feeling my hear full of love. I became more confident in my abilities as a healer using DNA and Curanderos teachings. My latest experience was Selena’s  Matrix activation in a moment when I felt stuck with noxious professional relationships. Just one month after a now job position was offered to me as a big step for me as a reward of the good will. I warmheartedly recommend Selena for her teachings and guided healing”

Florin Brancovici

Paris, France

“Selena works with me on a regular basis with Matrix Activations. Since then, life has been a lot easier and more fluid for me now. Also, my natural gifts and abilities have become more visible. Selena is unique in her work and I don’t want to be without it anymore.”

Blandina Gellrich

Hamburg, Germany

“Selena is a powerful witch-faery in the flesh, so once you enter her angelic realm (physical or virtual) her magic transforms you. I have had the privilege of studying numerous classes with Selena as well as having private sessions with her. Her honesty, her ego-less mastership and fine-tuned clarity have brought me closer to fulfilling my true self. Her igniting the light she sees in others, her encouragement and accessibility, despite holding enormous space worldwide is a testimony to the depth of her heart. I feel that once you have met Selena, there is no way back. Thank you for everything. I love you.”

Pnina Moldovano


“Selena Rodriguez is the embodiment of a master teacher. She walks her talk leaving no student behind. Selena is thorough in her work, having her work with me as a guest teacher, she has been able to move students to their deepest part of their soul using healing techniques from the Mayans. Now, I see her lighting up the world with her signature class, Hanafuda.”

Sioux Storm

Visionary, Healer, Teacher

“I have a high level of respect for Selena.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  I gain insights, wisdom and Aha’s with every session and class and experience with her.”

Renée Landers

San Antonio, TX

Master Teacher / Healer

I feel very blessed to have met Selena as a master teacher and friend. I have utmost respect for her kindness, professionalism and integrity. I have attended her powerful and life enhancing classes: Hanafuda 2018 and 1-3 DNA 2017 being the best experiences that my daughters experienced with me.

Zelina Tan

Selena is a powerful healer and spiritual teacher.  Her healing penetrates deep into my core and alleviates my deep-seated blockages.  Even remotely, I can feel her powerful energy working at all PEMS levels.   She has a reservoir of spiritual knowledge from the curandero lineage as well as outside the lineage.  Her ability to transmit the knowledge from multiple dimensions through powerful downloads is amazing.  I am grateful for Selena’s guidance and support in opening up my gifts and my heart.   Thank you, Selena!